Daredevil: Episode 11 Recap

Fisk wants to play doctor.

Shut up old man!

Karen comes bearing balloons.

I walked into a car…

Ah Karen… let’s make more wild assumptions!

“You gave me you’re shirt and it made me feel safe?” Does she have low standards or is it me?

You’re never there when I need permission to do things!

Froggy’s gone AWOL.

Go to the office-WHERE WE NEVER WORK.

I got you a balloon you can’t read.


OMG! Froggy is on a booty call!

I don’t have work anymore.

Soooo, any news on all the OTHER poisoned people?

OMG! Old man! The 50s called and they want their slang back!

Passed? You can’t say die Wesley?

Why do I have to talk to Gao? Don’t make me work!

Daredevil has bullshit excuses for his injuries.

I don’t think you stitch corpses… unless it’s multiple corpses stitched together.

No one wants to drink with you Matt- it’s like 9 am!

Don’t leave! You’re my only medical plan!

Our roooomaaaance…? Is that the right answer?

Plotline the Third.

This is going to be interminable.

Print WHAT? What do you have Karen? OMG!

Please, let’s DON’T play this out.

“I understand who you are sir!”

Well Leland is an idiot.

Another beheading by car door sir?

“I love you sir- I mean-”

Soooo, they were poisoned with… what?

Father Barista!

Latte is your answer to everything!

Devils aren’t born they’re made.

Side note- They should have done something more interesting with Daredevil’s flashbacks. Instead of just using the scenes again they should have shown it from his POPV.

Beating people up is Matt’s answer to everything.

I want the name of Fisk’s tailor or I’m throwing you off this building seems like a mild over-reaction…

No one likes you Leland…

OMG! Fisk has been at the hospital for a day? How much business could he be neglecting.

Damn! Tailor’s take their off-time seriously.

Don’t just hand me the gun! Hand it to me casually!

Dude! I just came for a suit!

There’s no crying in couture!

I don’t want a suit, I want latex catsuit- I mean, a symbol!

Ugh! I had blissfully forgotten about Froggy! Thanks show.

It’s none of your damn business Karen!

Can you two get your shit together? I need you to work on MY shit!

OMG! Stop calling people Karen- no one wants to talk to you!

Mom and Dad are fighting!

This is what you get for being so annoying Karen!

Stop monologueing Fisk! She’s in a coma! You have almost bored her to death!

Smithers! I mean Wesley!

Why didn’t he tie her up? That seems insulting somehow.

Stop monologueing!

Well, I like the city… love seems like a strong word… Do I want to marry it? No…

My boyfriend- I mean Fisk needs me.

And Fisk pathologically loves the city. He’s stalking it and if it doesn’t return his emails he’s going to break into it’s apartment and make sure the city gives him the attention he thinks he’s entitled to.

What were we talking about?

Please put Karen out of our misery Smithers!

Your kind of a wheedling bitch…

Yes! Die! OMG! Stop being a tease Smithers!



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