Daredevil: Episode 10 Recap

He STILL looks to pretty after that fight.

Ugh, Froggy.

Froggy plays the “faking disability” card.

OMFG!!! College Froggy is WORSE!!?!? How is that possible?!?!

“You are a hero! Let’s smoke some weed and listen to Nirvana.”

OMG! Froggy’s experimental phase!

Froggy will get Matt’s sloppy seconds.

You have radar/sonar vision.

You love nurse Claire more than me!

I’m telling on you Matt!

Matt walked into a door…

Where’s you boyfriend Fisk?

Madame Gao doesn’t like your girlfriend.

Are savior or oppressor my only options?

Also- can I wisely cheese oppressor?

Plotline the third!

Shouldn’t his wife be dead yet? I only say this because this scene is taking away from SOMETHING HAPPENING.

“Your insurance says we should pull the plug on your wife.” “But she’s not a vegetable.” “Yeah, about that…”

I learned how ti fight when I was 10 from a psycho white ninja named Stick.

OMG! It IS the plot to Kung-Fu!

I can’t explain to a crappy sighted-person Froggy.

I can smell EVERYTHING you’ve ever done Froggy! Stop touching yourself!

Stop listening to my heart Matt! It’s creeping me out! Makes me feel funny on the inside.

You look homeless Froggy.

College with Froggy and Matt, the extended edition!

Truth, justice, and the Froggy way!

Arg! Plotline the third AGAIN.

You might be fired. I mean- you might get a promotion, well, more of a lateral move really…


Plotline the third.

I don’t want your crappy box of stuff.

It’s important, but like, you have no idea how much hospice care is.

OMFG! Did Karen just talk that man out of spending time with his dying wife?

I can have a relationship AND a career! I’m a modern woman!

Well, I’ve beaten people into a coma…

I was BSing you Froggy.

Dude- I can hear you thinking. Spit it out.

Plotline the third- Karen! His wife’s condition is not your fucking business! Why would he tell you anything??

Whoa- Karen went dark there for a second.

OMG! This is a giant episode of NOTHING HAPPENING.

Is Karen heiress to a Nursing Home fortune?

…And that’s when I discovered my calling was beating people comatose…

Froggy- unlikely voice of reason.

And you are very creepy…

Is it sexy time?

Is she talking about her husband or her son? either way it’s creepy.

A vote for Fisk is vote for Voldemort! I mean-

“I like deep pockets and I cannot lie-”

Ugh! Froggy!

You can take of yourself too Froggy! Your a grown ass man!

Goddammit- enough philosophizing!

Stop crying Froggy!

Nelson and Murdoch! Attorneys at Love!!

OMG! You totes SHOULD get married at this point!

Stop flirting!

Are we married now?

Hey! You didn’t pay for that sign Froggy! You don’t get to throw it away!

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