Daredevil: Episode 9 Recap

Let the agony begin…

How unusual! Daredevil is getting hit in the face!

Slightly better than average fight scene. And against a ninja? I don’t know. Some kind of vaguely racial stereotype villain…

Back to the priest- I forgot about him!

Confess your sins Daredevil!

Coffee, tea, or me?

Father Whatsis makes his own lattes?

Right into religious philosophical discussions!

The devil is meh…

The devil has good PR?

Get to the point any day now Father…

Yes Mathew, there is a Satan.

Attorney at Why the Hell Bother! LOL! A good line!

Plotline the 3rd meets Plotline the first!

Fisk has a wine bunker office?!

Rule number 1- Don’t touch Nobu.

No! It has to be THIS city block! And I want it gift wrapped!

Ugh! Froggy!

I want an island without an extradition agreement…

A knock on the door! Do they have work?!?!

No. Of course not! How is everyone just NOT working all the time?!

Double the money is GOOD.

OMG!! You home is a tenement!! Buy a better one!

YES we’re supposed to roll over!

Have they ever done anything quietly?

I have a bunch of luxurious and soft furnishing that need replacing.

They have no sculptures??

You had me at “a sea of rage”.


Least epic throw-down over art in the history of cinema goes to…. Daredevil!

Father Barista.

Well, I almost bought a painting…

I learned the devil is fat.

OR you become an atheist and don’t worry about damnation.

I’m leaning toward “want” to kill him.

That gallery didn’t have statues!

I had to see a priest about a man…

Show him my thing?

It’s a little small.

Well we can’t afford heat…

And they are the only ones who can ID the body?

I’ll miss you lady I met only a handful of times.

WTF? Back to the ninja? It’s halfway through the episode!

It’s my honor to be your stereotype today.

And now back to… drowning our sorrows in a cheap dive bar.

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named likes press conferences.

I mourn her death so hard!

Catholic… no it doesn’t help. More of a hinderence really…

Fisk will get what he deserves. It’s called karma! Oh wait…

One of these days he’s going to have to get serious about a costume.

The heroine came from three different poppy fields. Yes I can tell by smelling!

I’m not sure he’s lying so much as drugged and confused…

They promised me dental work!

He’s really NOT going to turn himself in…

Fisk’s wine cellar bunker office!

“I smell ninja…”

OMG! The sidekicks are still at the bar!

Wakes are happy Froggy.

Oh goddammit! Stop crying Froggy!

And how id Froggy going to make them pay? Cry some more?

Back to Ninja fight!

Wine cellar bunker office turned out to NOT be a great place for a fight.

Is Nobu going to get super powers now?

Does that count as killing? Or is it more accidental manslaughter?

It isn’t a perfect world. And I’m really fat…

Nobu was batty about this one block and… well, you know how it goes.

Take your shot! Oh, and FYI, I beheaded a guy with a car door one time.

See? That’s what happens when you leave it to underlings!

OMFG! Why didn’t you just beat him to death when you had the chance Fisk!?!? What are you? Are a fucking Bond villain!?!? Goddammit!

Gonna cry some more Froggy?

He doesn’t lock his roof door?

Shut up Froggy! Shut up shut up!

I AM Matt you idiot!


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