Daredevil: Episode 7 Recap

Holy crap it’s been a while! Let’s see how much I remember…

And we’re running… and we’re running… and we’re running..

And we’re shooting…

And we’re borderline racist…

Dear Lord- PLEASE let sword dude be Wes Studi…

NOOOOO GODDAMMIT. Is there a stereotype this show HASN’T hit on yet?? Blind swordsman?!? And a white guy blind swordsman at that (his accent is atrocious.)

Froggy is Irish?? I thought he was amphibious!

Ugh, awkward moral debate.

Ugh, awkward flirting.

And evil accountants! Go!

Pardon me while I infodump.

Tell me about He-Who-Must-Named! And yes, I’ll take the wallet too.

Apparently Daredevil can’t hear an old man take a taser out of his pocket.

And it’s white Zatoichi!

Who was DD’s mentor. Quelle suprise. Not.

“You know what they call stuff like that?” Bullshit.

White Zatoichi is needlessly a dick.

Milk from three different dairies? How do you know that? I call bullshit!

Skills for the war?! What the shit?

Stick!? Your super hero nickname is stick?? And how are you not dead of old age?

Ugh- plot line the third.

Straightening out a bowl of spaghetti probably wouldn’t be that hard…

Yakuza and Triads and Russians! Oh my!

A coma!?! AGAIN!?! You behead a dude with a door but no one can die of a fucking gunshot wound?!?!

OMG- just – can we get back to a plot that doesn’t suck?

(I totally forgot the secretary’s name was Karen)

Furniture is a distraction?

I am disgusted by your luxuries.

This is Sparta?

Stop getting laid! I resent it!

Ah, fun with child abuse.

Rutger Hauer was nicer.

Is your beer soft and luxurious too?

I want his docks.

Black Sky the Bringer of Shadows? What D&D campaign are you running?

In war people are beheaded by car doors.

No. Senor Froggy is NOT handsome.

Seriously? Little Miss “touch my face” is surprised that Froggy is into her?!?!

How long have I been swearing?

It was Froggy in the alley with a baseball bat.

And here is Black Sky the Bringer of Shadows.

I don’t need no sticks Stick.

Is that a telescoping sword?

Ooooooh. It’s a bow. He’s not just a one-trick blind swordsman.

OK. I figured The Black Sky would be a person, but I was honestly expecting a hot chick, not a little kid.

I really, REALLY hope that kid can turn into a dragon.

You have to control your deep down inside feelings. Push them deeper!

Paper bracelet will not hold up in all weather conditions.

I have some feelings to shove deep down.

I expected you not to feel feelings.

Your “crybaby” feelings you crybaby!

I think Stick is lying about the Black Sky Bringer of Shadows.

OMG Daredevil, just fucking kill people!

Oh, and so sorry about your soft luxurious coffee table you crybaby.

That board was less than impressive.

Stick loved me after all!

OK- hang on- all that stuff about Black Sky the Bringer of Shadows amounts to NOTHING?!?! We never even get to see what the kid could do? He just dies off screen?

And I know if I read Marvel books the guy bossing Stick around would mean something. But I have no idea.


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