Daredevil Episode 6 Recap

Pfft- they’ll never arrest him, or the show would be over.

Goddammit. Not every cop can be corrupt.

Well I guess Voldemort is missing one Russian.

Sorry, He-Who-Must-Not-Named.

What, are we out of post-it notes?

You’re NOT going to cover it Urich.

He-Who-Must-Not-Named has a deep sense of responsibility.

Also apparently he can afford ALL the cops.

I have to execute you left handed now. Let’s hope my aim is OK.

And no one will notice that the survivors are all shot in the head…

(Ok look- I get all the excuses. Voldemort is paying off the cops. It’s a corrupt world. etc. etc. But still, good grief! Also, for as violent as this show is they wuss out an awful lot. And also, NO ONE is likable. At all. Daredevil is a dick. The cops are corrupt dicks. Voldemort is just plain weird. I want to take a shower every time Froggy comes on screen. So far the most tolerable people are Voldemort’s right hand man and Madam Gao.)

I don’t kill people, but I torture them and put them in comas and possibly accidentally beat them to death, except this is Marvel, so no one really ever dies because we want kids to watch it. Except for that one dude we beheaded…

OMFG Daredevil! You JUST told the Russian you don’t kill people! How much payback do you honestly think you’re going to visit upon He-Who-Must-Not-Named?!?

Everyone needs help Froggy, it’s a HOSPITAL.

You’re my Web MD.

Fine- let’s Macgyver this bitch…

He’s enjoying cauterizing a little too much.

You DO realize Vlad can die of shock…

OMG- Daredevil found the ONE uncorrupt cop in ALL of NYC.

Just because he’s not corrupt doesn’t mean he won’t squeal.

“This is a hostage job”?!? That seems like a leap.

Turn his head?! Like with money or threats?

“You’ve been busy” taking a cop hostage!

“If Marvel didn’t have rules about heroes killing we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

Ah Vlad- you’ve got Daredevil pegged.

His name is I’m going to beat you with a 2×4!

OMG! Corrupt Detective taunts Urich with TV! The death of printed media is the internet! Also- shut up- how is this relevant?!?!

How is Froggy in a hospital gown exponentially grosser than normal Froggy?

UGH- want to feel each other’s faces again!?

Vlad could either shut up or die faster. My GAWD.

You died- but only for like 15 seconds.

Oooh! He-Must-Not-Be-Named can break in on police channels.

Say your name He-Must-Not-Be-Named!

OMG- the “we have nothing in common” discussion immediately.

There’s more episodes! Nothing is coming to an end He-Must-Not-Be-Named!

NO! No long discussions of ideology!

Can something just happen now!?

No one’s going to take you place Daredevil! People barely know you exist.

But the masked man didn’t seem like the type to kill people within the three seconds that it took for him to save me that one time…

Can you say your meaningful good-byes faster??

Oops- Officer Sullivan is dead… my knife slipped into his neck…

So, what’s you endgame DD? What are you going to do with half-dead Vlad if you get him out of the tunnels?

You have to kill Volde-He-Must-Not-Be-Named

He’ll blow up their drug warehouses?

Vlad dies nobly. Or at least a close approximation thereof.

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