Daredevil Episode 3 Recap

Nothing good can come from bowling.

“I love the smell of fresh guns in the morning.”

Or my name ain’t Turkberry? What?

Wow! Some action! And actual death!

Wait, he wiped off the gun but still touched it to put it under the pinball machine.

Also- PINBALL?? Those still exist?

Suddenly the balding the red headed dude is my favorite character.

And does NO ONE wonder why a lawyer looks like he goes to fightclub?

OMG! Take a hint Padre!

If this sedan is a rockin’ don’t- never mind.

Kings OFTEN have bodies in the trunk. WTF.

Are we supposed to know these people?

OMG- twenty minutes later we get to the point. One of them is a reporter. Couldn’t this have gone faster some how?

Ugh- Froggy.

I suddenly also DO NOT like the secretary anymore.

“Walked into a door”?!?!?

Stop bantering and get to plot point!

Ethical lawyers?!

So what’s the job?

Just the pretty ones. We wouldn’t have hired secretary lady if she was fat. In fact, she never would have been cast if she were fat. FU show and Hollywood beauty standards.

The fuck? They just entered the The Amazing Lawyer Race?

Follow that Cartier!!

FYI- when dealing with Daredevil, get a digital watch.

How many suits can he afford to bleed through?

LOL! I only wanted to bowl! That totes makes my reaction justified.

Injurious?!?!? Red flag #5

Did he change his shirt? Is he still bleeding through the old one? And what about his suit?


Real news doesn’t matter anymore!

Shut up Froggy!

Hint- No one goes bowling!

“Shark in a skin suit” Best line in the entire show so far.

And standing around a bowling alley in a suit doesn’t look suspicious at all.

Brofist! And ‘scuse me while I bleed through my suit!

OMFG! Just sign fucking the paper work!

OMFG! Just sign fucking the paper work!

No one cares about your long-term care wife/daughter/mother whatever. Either make the big reveal or get off the pot.

Aaaaand big reveal…. anytime now…. Wife! nailed it.

Bang on the router?

And that worked?

How does anything go to trial that quickly? This is MONTHS later!!

Jury tampering 101. Find the one with the sex tape.

I suddenly DON’T like Daredevil at all.

And why buy only ONE juror??

And we’re waiting… and waiting…

No shit we’re waiting!

OMG. Do not tank this case.

He-who-must-not-be-named is buying paintings!

Back door shysters? Is that a porn?

I didn’t bang your husband! Swearsies!

I’m too pretty to let it go!

Two plot points finally meet.

Goddammit- just give up on the effing jury!

Dammit- the only character I liked…

GODDAMMIT! Why is every criminal in this a fucking wuss.

That seems rather self-defeating… Like the whole scene…

Pfffft no one makes color field paintings anymore.

That’s it?

Oh well. See you next time!

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