Daredevil Episode 2 recap

I’m so sorry I haven’t been keeping up!! Anyway- ONWARD! Or should I say- Excelsior! Or will I be sued for that?

Blood on the highway!

Oh come on! You live in NYC! this can’t be the first dude you’ve found in a garbage bin.

Can we keep him?

Apparently there’s no need for paramedics. Or a hospital.

“They’ll kill everyone in the hospital to get to me.” Cuz I’m super speshul!

Flashback: Daddy’s boxing on TV but we still live in this shitty apartment.

Can’t he wash up before going home?

Rather than have your CHILD clean your wounds! WTF??

OMG! And give your 9 year old scotch! Way to parent.

Yeah- get your kid drunk then make him do his homework! That’s a recipe for success.

Is this supposed to be touching?

Fuck you Froggy for ruining Gilbert and Sullivan forever.

She’s just not that into you Froggy.

You seen my face? YES- it’s not that much of a costume!

And the grinding halt of long conversations.

OMG! You found him the garbage? What kind of answers do you want?

Flashback to- him going blind in the first place. AKA another grinding halt.

Please let his lung be filling with blood…

They are going to do the stabby thing from Three Kings now.

Let’s pretend you ARE important. What do I do if you die in my living room.

OMG! I forgot the kidnapping Russians. And weren’t they Ukrainian?

“There are other ways to see” when you have super powers yeah. Or are a bat.

So instead of actually showing us Daredevil going after the kid you just tell us.

OMG- He can smell Russians…

Oh goddammit! I am so sick of his fucking “I can take a punch” Dad.

How are you working on your books? Are drunk enough to study?

You’re really dumb dad.

OMG.- more stereotypes!! Irish mobsters! How out of the box!

I am totes going to fight that guy! See if I don’t!

Don’t trust the police- he’ll be a stereotype too!

I will so get stabby if I want! I can hear his unbelief!

Yup- Russians.

Another witness! I need to stabby him too!

How long are these episodes anyway?

What are they drinking?

Stop the banter!

Shut up Froggy! Dammit! I forgot about this side plot!

What the shit are they drinking? That’s not an eel! It’s a rat! You live in NYC!

NO! Please don’t talk about it.

Just rip out the carpet and have the floor refinished. You’ll be fine! Although it WILL lower property values, since a guy died in your apt.

Just move out of NYC then!

Froggy is lying.

Can someone wake me when it’s over?

Torture funtimes!

I’m never wrong!

Blind vigilante is the entire point of this show- move on.

Of course she’s a nurse. Gawd forbid she’s a doctor.

Clair is wise to your ways Daredevil.

Can we debate torture later? Can something happen now?

We must stop reading out loud!

No shit school wasn’t your strong suit dad.

Now is NOT the time to listen to your moralizing 9 year old.

Ugh- Froggy.

Is it torture YET!


Who do you sell the children to?

Who do you think.

Try the what nerve?

Sooo Daredevil is a sadist?

It’s all right because he landed in the dumpster?

And now Clair has to flee the city? Worse- she has to flee to cat sitting.

Way to sow upheaval and despair wherever you go Daredvil.

OMG- a sadist super hero would be awesome. Like Super Marquis de Sade!

Crap- back to Dad.

So you listened to your moralizing 9 yr old and now your going to die. Best fucking parenting ever.

Smells like blood and whisky it’s got to be him!

Frakking still 7 minutes of this left!

I forgot who the kid they nabbed was.

Well it’s not a very well laid trap…

LOL! They ALL stagger to their feet simultaneously.

You know, if Daredevil has super hearing and can perfectly aim punches, why doesn’t he carry a gun? It would make the fight scenes ever so much shorter.


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