Daredevil Episode 1 Recap

It’s all I could find!!! *sob* I know, everyone has already seen it. But seriously- I don’t have cable for now! So Daredevil it is!

FYI- I know NOTHING about Daredevil! I’ve never read the comics. I saw a tiny bit of the Ben Affleck movie on TV one time… ummm… was there an old TV show? Or am I hallucinating that? I think I watched that…

Anyway! Here we go!

OMG seriously? It’s the toxic waste origin story!?! Family Guy did it better…

Confession stuff.

Sooo, your dad was a punching bag? What does this have to do with your confession? What are you confessing?

“His eyes would go dead…” Yeah, it’s called massive brain damage accrued over years of head trauma.

Priest: Cut ti the chase.

OMG! Then WHY are you here!?!

“You be quiet and I let you have a bucket.” Is that our only option?

Silent but deadly!

“Flag down the first officer you see.” Is that our only option?

OMG. I hate you already.

A receptionary?

OMG- stop flirting Murdoch and gross dude who looks like a blonde frog.

I didn’t stab anyone! Swearsies!

Who the FUCK is named Foggy? I dub thee Froggy Nelson, on account of you are slimy.

Don’t look gift lawyers in the mouth.

Reversal! Usually the dude wakes up after a few drinks covered in blood.

Strangers in parks with boundary issues.

Monet T-shirts are not a thing.

Veiled threat theater…


Ugh, Froggy.

Ooooo. It’s all fun and games until someone looses an eye.

Ugh!!! Froggy!

“What? What am I missing?” Your appointment with a tall bridge.

We have stolen tea, or stolen tea…

Pension Master. Sounds like a good time.

Ye Olde Embezzlement Plan.

My PANTS will keep you safe Karen.

He has the devil’s own luck with real estate.

Quid pro quo Clari- I mean Karen.

Yes, let’s talk out the entire plot for– how much longer is the episode?

Is there going to be sex? Or what?

Sooo he can hear her lying?

Finally. Criminals. Can something happen now?

Aside from racial stereotypes?

He Who Must Not Be Named.

Voldemort has no truck with vigilantes.

That’s actually not a half bad hiding spot.

It’s whats-his-face from college!

I hope daredevil’s super powers include falling off buildings and not dying.

“I can’t look dad. That’s the whole point.”


Roadhouse! I mean round house! I mean, he really stuck the landing on that kick!

No one reads the newspaper anymore.

Illegal after hours gym time?

Aaaaand, end on a racial stereotype montage! Like seriously. OMG.

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