12 Monkeys (unlucky) Episode 13 recap

So Jennifer finally gets her freaking prime number. Ha. Ha. Show. Ha. Ha.


Open on 2015

Shut up Cole. Just shut up. You aren’t going to  do anything and we all know it.

Who is he beating this time?

Oh! Bland Ex-Boyfriend! I din’t recognize him without a suit on.

That’s right, beg as blandly as you lived!

2043- or whatever.

Where’s all this fucking ivy coming from?

Ummm, science…

You can’t handle the past Mr. Whitley!

Cobra Commandos!!

Torture funtimes continue.

No one cares what you want Blandie!

Pffft! The coming of the Twelve! What is this?! Lord of the Rings?

Sucker punch! How you like me now Cole?

Yes we CAN leave him here to die. Can and will.

Cass, I’m—not that sorry.

Who are all these people? And HOW do we keep getting into these things?

Well Jennifer cleans up well.

We will repeat verbatim the speech from Greed!

Screw you! Dodos were great! They didn’t need wings! Lay off!

Aaaannddd Jennifer looses it…

OMG! She’s going to bring back the unicorn!

Squee! My boyfriend is here!

I am totes cloning Dodo birds!

Also- I don’t like your face hole!

Wait! Marry me!?!?!

Yeah! Voice Lady! Lay it on velvet frog!

I don’t need security.

2043-Cobra Commandos raid on G.I.Joe part the second.

“They’re ready”

Subsonic frequency of the core.

Just “Fly my monkeys! Fly!”

Or, fly my bats fly!

Core #2 is down!

2015 It’s baby core!

28 years? Of what?

Green to red! Cats and dogs living together!

We need more dog, less pony this time.


Exhaust tunnels are ALWAYS the way in.

At least they tried to guard them this time…


Project baby splinter!

How do we get in? Like we always get in! OK, fine, exhaust tunnels.

We can send stuff forward but not back.

Thank you for your cameo Bruce Greenwood or Bruce Greenwood look-a-like.


What does it look like I’m doing? I’m arming a bomb.


So, in 2043 there was NOT one lazy rent-a-cop.

OMG! So much red ivy!

Cole! You have come for me to monologue at!

I did time travel to create time travel!?!? Goddammit show!

Foster didn’t cure shingles!

Shut up Ramsey!

“My only future is the future” –fuck off time travel!


Reboot this!

“Don’t move. I have nothing to live for- OMG! WTF blue man group?!?!”

Stop monologueing!



Now is not the time for– Oh yeah. You are totes into Go.

LOL! Cole trying to talk Cassie down. He still sucks at everything!

And… shoot stuff? Shoot everyone?



“Tell me what to do?” For starters, stop whining.

Secondly, shut up Ramsey!

Send Cassie BACK to the Future!!

“Good bye and good riddance.”

Didn’t try hard enough did you Ramsey?

Whaaaat? STILL 2015?


The 12… babies?

Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to be Cobra Commandos.

No one cares about Ramsey!

No one cares about Cole either.

Goddammit Cole!

Never say never Katarina!

Oops, not Cole.

Goddammit! End already!


Sooooo Jennifer is going to kill the world.

YAY IT’S OVER!! Thank heavens!!! And I can’t tell you how much I DON’T CARE.

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