12 Monkeys Episode 12 (really? is my count off?) Recap

We lost Cole. He’s probably dead.

Shut your face Dr. Adler! Cole is totes fine!

Deep philosophical meandering on the meaning of time.

2015 Kat gets some back story!

“I’m not good with people” Shocker Kat. Shocker.

If you don’t help me Cole will die! All the more reason NOT to.

2015 still…

WTF Cole! Who gave a dying delirious man a gun?

Cassie will MAKE her help.

Dying Cole is even grosser than normal Cole.

Just shoot Katarina in the foot.

Oops the epinephrine it DID work. Darn.

WHAT? Fake gun? WTF Cassie?

Ugh- Cole is no one’s friend.

Ugh- Cole’s STILL alive.

You weren’t asleep you died for like a couple minutes.

Katarina gave me Katarina’s address.

But the time line! And you worry about that NOW?

Blindly forward is all you’ve done this entire time!

2015- Evil Corporate headquarters.

Yeah, you hemorrhaging something…

I’m back bitches!

Mr. Cole is going to die. We’ve been saying that the entire series!

Let’s go find baby Cole!

I’m going to fight for YOUR boyfriend. Which is awkward since we aren’t technically broken up…

My seed? What?

You’re going to kidnap this boy?

For a few minutes anyway.

I was married for 6 days and he left. Also not a shocker Kat…

OMG- another pointless scene in the future!

The Coles are gone. NOT!

We don’t use the word can’t! Figure it out yourself you little shit!

I’ll tell you the truth.

Well, that went well…

OMG! So much deus ex machina!

Come and meet old Cole, same as the young Cole.

Just don’t touch yourself.

2043- Please get to a plot point soon.

2015- Yes it will hurt.

Find the vein- the game no one likes to play.

What did I say just about not touching yourself!?

Wow, you grew up to be so… mediocre.

The only failure is NOT not giving up- it’s fucking failing! And I know this because I’m trying to be a published author!

Kidnapping plan of fail!

Gah! Preacher!

Aaaaannnnndddd ssslllloooooo-mmmmooooooo,

Oh for- SERIOUSLY? Glowing Jesus Cole? Really?

So much for Grandpa and Grandma’s FULLY STOCKED BOOKSTORE.

Your bland ex-boyfriend betrayed us? Quelle suprise.

The causality of temporal physics is unpredictable? HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW?? You only JUST found out your work pays off.

Goddammit! Little baby Ramsey!


No one really likes ivy. Shit just grows wherever it wants.

Whitley! The hell are you doing beheading people?


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