12 Monkeys (Rumble in Tokyo) Episode 11 Recap

Finally! gone back to the 80s!

Worst alley in Tokyo.

Cole has come to kick ass and chew bubblegum. But he NEVER has any gum.

OMG! Goines has a wig!

The Night Man likes to party!

How does Cole even get into these places?

Corpse? The Night Man is here?


Also- good going Cole- Goines wasn’t going to buy the Night Man until YOU opened your big fat mouth.


Please kill Cole! Please, oh please oh please….

So what IS Japanese prison like?

The US Embassy is strangely on top of things.

So what is Japanese prison food like?

One year in Prison later…

Ramsey is a prison bitch.

1990? He only gets one letter from her every 2 years?

1992- “Did you think I’d forgotten about you?” How? You are all in prison together…

I’m actually surprised Ramsey isn’t doing better in prison… As in physically better at beating people up considering what he used to do.

1995- release day!

Ramsey gets a palatial estate!!

And he has a magic necklace! WTF?

2011- Ramsey’s Go obsession knows no bounds!

We met when you wore a wig.

Sooo just playing catch-up.

Ugh… back to the writer’s self title mental hospital.

Jennifer and Daddy, reunion fun times.

And the point of that scene was…what?

And still not how charcoal works.

2015- MORE footage from earlier episodes.

The coming of the 12… OMG what is this? BSG?

Bland Boyfriend got fired.

Bland Boyfriend is melting down.

Olivia has fingers in many pies.

2015 AGAIN, or still.

Jennifer makes a good bag lady.

Olivia just keeps Jennifer? Like for a pet?

And then stuff… Katarina talking lots.

Aaaand of course Cole isn’t dead.

Mr. Whitley has a crush on Katarina.

Well no one liked Cole anyway.

I AM the clock!

I don’t like you anymore!

I scoff in the general direction hope.

What USUALLY happens to Cole. He was a dick and got stabbed.


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