12 Monkeys (I’m so behind!) Episode 10 Recap

To be fair though, this hasn’t gotten the response of either The Strain recaps or even Constantine (which- gasp horror- some people are trying save from cancellation.)

2043 Progress report- stolen core totes works great.

Ramsey’s gonna burn this bitch down!

2015- Bland boyfriend shits on vacation packages.

Table sex interuptus.

Dammit Cole!

“The future is pretty bleak if you’re all they’ve got.” Yeah! Nice burn Bland Boyfriend!

Car driving. Where are they going? I forgot already.

I’ve smelled plenty dead bodies before.

Who’s Peter’s? I forgot that too.

Because NO ONE reads Proust and if they say they do they’re lying.

Fuck you show! Blue Oyster Cult?!?! That took a ton of imagination. Do they even have other songs??

I WILL be going back to 1987 soon.

What’s this whole conversation supposed to mean?

And we’re back to the burned out wreck of Ramsey is a dick.

Just die already Cole.

2043- ruins of a fun park that is no longer fun.

Sure you’re going to fix it Ramsey…

Ah- lady scavs. Jennifer Goyne’s little cult survives.

Back to 2015 for one useless scene about phone calls. You can’t say the show lacks follow through.

2043- Oh goody. they can fix Cole…

Yeah, we’ll take care of Ramsey, like I took care of Spearhead.

Injections or Ramsey… Injections- for the win!

Swan boats hold up really well post apocalypse.

Super old Jennifer in mediocre old-age make-up.

2015- day after Scotch.

OMG! Cassie already knows she dies, why is freaking out about it NOW?

Bland boyfriend will also be dead.

2043- Just pick a year dammit! This episode is worse than usual.

Cole is my boyfriend- he killed my father for my wedding present.

Well, so much for Ramsey’s girlfriend.

Holy crap Jennifer, long winded much?

Ramsey is a single dad now.

The kid seems really broken up about his dead mom.

You couldn’t protect a paper bag Ramsey!

I’m just gonna leave you with these fine survivalists…

Wait- when did that guy start giving a crap!?!?

Ugh 2015- more monkey tracking.

And more ponderous conversations in cars.

Dr. Peters is in the monkey shipment?!?!

Second bad smell of the day!

Your husband is already dead!

Sooo, I just shoot you here?

Or not.

Red Forest Lady! She was hired because she gives good voice.

2043 dammitdammitdammit

I got your injections right here!

That wasn’t a very thorough pat-down.

Ramsey busts a move!

They have security as good as Star Trek.

Soooooo… this little side trip back to Splinter has nothing to do with what Jennifer told him?

WTF? Don’t warn him- just shoot him!

Ramsey is going back to the past!

Finally Cole shows up.

Why does Katarina care if Ramsey goes back in time? Chances are he’ll come back a pile of meat.

Saving one person is useless! I have no use for your love Bland Boyfriend!

Ramsey is in the 80s! Have fun never coming back!

Ramsy Vs. Cole Rumble in Tokyo!


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