12 Monkeys (still going…) Episode 9

Ah back to mid-plague 2017. This should look pretty familiar to Cole.

2043- Katarina: killing hope since 2020.

OK, hang on. I wish I new more about viruses, but how could the plague mutate into something completely alien? And what does that even mean? Is is even possible? It doesn’t sound possible.

Katarina’s pep talks are really… not helping.

Ramsey is still at Spearhead? Or did they come back?

Spearhead is a cult! Your way better off in a basement with me!

Ugh, flashback.

You do realize that with the word depopulated and in chaos you CAN TRAVEL SOUTH.

Thank you for the update on your balls Cole.

Thank you Ramsey! Unlikely voice of reason.

Ah. That’s how they end up at Splinter.


God Cole. Put it together, Cassie is looking for you.

Why is Cole so dumb?? And he’s not pretty.

Back to Spearhead.

Our escape plan has failed!

Your not my son!

Did I miss an episode?


No, they don’t have to find a cure.

What husband? What are they talking about? What is happening?? This episode seems poorly edited.

Aaaaand, ever wonder if Katarina will run out of cigarettes.

“Unless you accept my offer to be my dominat– I mean my offer for the core.”

Ugh- yeah, we know it’s 2043.

I didn’t send Ramsey, he just sort of shows up.

“I will have your core.”

2041- It’s really unnecessary to show us how Cole got to Splinter.

Shut up Ramsey.

Hmm, shit based in-jokes. I wish it were funny?

Katarina is also a Bond villain with that fur!


Goddammit Jennifer.

Goddammit 2043

I uh- I don’t think constellations can get sick…

Uh… books rot…

Just kiss him!

Oh damn! Katarina IS a Bond villain!

Operation steal shit is underway! And off to glorious start!

OMG! That woman is STILL trying to pick the lock? It’s been like twenty minutes!


I just know I know! I don’t care what you think you know I know what I know!

NO. Just NO. Cole does not get to be “The Chosen One”!

Back at Operation Steal Shit.

They are on their way to stealing shit!


I have nothing. Goddamn time travel discussions. All I can ever think about is Spaceballs: “When will then be now?” “Soon.”

Operation Steal Shit is a success! We have the core! And a shit ton of bodies to bury.

Le Sigh 2043

Your father died for time travel stuff!

Sooo, this is the basement?

You were WHERE? What did you see? What are you talking about??

So… Foster did cure the current mutation? Or what? What is happening?


OK, they are fucking with time. What do you mean “I can’t change the path your on”? Isn’t that like the very definition of fucking with time?

That plague sure leaves a pretty corpse.

Also, it’s time travel! She’ll be alive again in like 5 minutes when he goes back to the future then back in time.

He posed her like she’s sleeping? That is creepy!

Aaaaand we’re back!

But you can’t leave! Your The Chosen One!

Ramsey, unlikely voice of reason! Again!

Goddammit! Whys isn’t Ramsey the hero? Why isn’t he the lead actor?! He’s so much fucking better than Cole!

We killed lots of people and maybe burned the cure. And um, Katarina is crazy pants.

Seriously Cole. What ARE you going to do.

DUDE, this was YOUR idea in the first place Ramsey.

Once more with feeling Cole.


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