12 Monkeys: Episode 8 (is it almost over yet?) Recap

Open on 2043

Shut up Ramsey.

Did you ever stop to think that there are already plenty of timelines where the plague never happened and your job is done? And instead of whining about the end of civilization you go plant some crops and start painting on cave walls?

The core is unstable! We need more dilithium crystals!

Our real-time tether?

NEVER donate Mansfield Park.

Back story.

Maybe if you quit doing research on the plague it would quit mutating.

Get the second core. Understood. Can we leave now?

One of Cole’s many cockroach like attributes is surviving bombs.

“Help me” Shouldn’t he be warning people away?



Shut up Ramsey.

Spearhead has nice digs.

We have a network with a single function! To create the greatest por– I mean find a cure!

And how did Ramsey end up taking point in negotiations?

Meanwhile back in the past… for one scene that accomplished nothing…

Ramsey has a first name!!

Least believable thing about this scene is Ramsey knows a lab tech.

Am I your daddy? Do we need to get Maury Povich in here?

How do they know Foster won’t help? Are Ramsey and the other guy back yet?

Apparently the Splinter machine get’s really shitty reception underground.

The core is dead. Viva le Core.

Pffft! Ramsey is a baby daddy!

Come back to project Splinter with me! We can live in a basement!

Bland Ex-Boyfriend should have figured out Cassie just isn’t that into him anymore.

That kid is playing with pills?

OMG! Ramsey and his fucking Go obsession.

Oh snap! Katarina has come to kick ass and chew bubblegum!

I spit at your dinner offer!

Rescue kid is dying! Get the fuck out!

Cassie can’t help you! The plague has already begun!

Family diner suuuuucks….

“I need the whole core.” I thought that’s why they were there?

Ramsey! Unlikely voice of bitchiness!

Where did this go Biblical?

Mommy and Daddy are fighting.

I got time travel to show for it bitch!

Time. Travel. Bitch.

The pictures were lost in the fires of Hell? What?

Damn Johnathan…

Damn Katarina!

Say goodbye to your girlfriend Ramsey.

Pffft! NOW we get a warning what year it is…

Chechnya 2015.

And back to the future.

Spearhead is clean and safe and they have better lighting!

The cure is a lie! I’ll have none of your hope!

We’re gonna rob Spearhead so we can unnecessarily complicate this plot for 7 more episodes.

And still more Chechnya! Isn’t this episode over yet??

OK- hold on- according to Cassie the bomb went off a few weeks ago. That means Cole has been down in that hole for a week at least EXISTING ON NOTHING? No water, no food, no nothing (well OK- Vodka…).

OK- and also, Cole is immune to the virus, BUT he was just exposed to the earliest version of the virus so could he be a carrier? What if he spreads it? And he was around all those guys who died. It could be in his clothes.

Ah- alternate timelines or did they dig him out weeks ago?

Oh snap. The splinter jumped him forward.

Cole- ineffectual in every time period…

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