12 Monkeys: Episode 7 (just kill me) Recap

Open on WTF?

Open on shut up Cole.

The Night Man!

Kills in 2-3 hours? Sweet!

The next set of WHAT? Enunciate Mumble Guy!

Ha! Told you Wexler would be a thing!

Are museum galas an actual thing?  Or do they just show up in movies and on TV?

Dr. Garret apparently doesn’t have office hours.

INDOOR manners Cole.

Only The Most Interesting Man in the World gets to touch the art.

My mission is to bang you before I die.

OMG! they dance like high schoolers at the prom!

It’s a monkey for fucks sake! It looks like a monkey!

Wait what?

Bland Ex-Boyfriend!

And Chechnya again. We get it.

Your tux is going BACK TO THE FUTURE! Also, you’re never going to see it again.

B-but jail…

I was just here a week ago! It’s time travel!

Southern Chechniya 2 hours ago- told you’d never get that tux back.

Soooo, we’re just skipping the bleach?

Slow down! Speed up! Follow the white car! Keep going! Go back! Never mind I’ll walk.

And WTF is Cassie supposed to do from the CDC??

A week ago I got details from you for next week and then I went back to today!


Oh shit! Impalement!! (Did not see that coming!)

We need better insurance!

This hasn’t happened for you yet. One week into the future- oh never mind!

Kill it with fire!

Wexler is a Bond villain!

Well, he did tell you about the virus. So suck it.

Meanwhile, back in last week’s present…

Senator is here to kick ass and chew bubblegum.

Goddammit- this is gonna be an I “shot my dog” story.

Bland Ex-Boyfriend will make an excellent prison bitch.

So, 2-3 more hours of torture before they all die…

What is Wexler expecting to happen? He’s gonna be dead in a couple hours!

Well, not everyone dies…

What? Who’s beardy guy? Episode 1 throw back?

Dr. Peters? Who? What?

Markridge? I sense a plot thread!

Can we stop talking now and die already? OMG! Longest 2-3 hours ever.

The people aren’t extinct!

YES! Shoot! If for no other reason then Cole might actually shut up!

You CAN bring a gun to a virus fight.

It’s for ME bitch!

Can we bomb them? Meh, why not?

Aaand plot point!

And 1987 again. So it’s back to the 80s!

OMG! More extra Coles! WTF??

Season 2 says you AREN’T almost out of jumps.

As if anything has made sense…

Can the bomb arrive faster?

OMG! It’s only just launched?? This is interminable!

“I don’t think you understand the severity of this situation”

In a week after he’s here after he just died…

And this time take bleach.

Don’t start asking questions now.

Wait? Goodbye? Do I die in Chechnya?

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