12 Monkeys: Episode freaking 6 Recap


Jennifer is now convinced Cole is a unicorn.

Oh yeah! Back to the wrong future! I (blissfully) forgot what was happening.

What’s going on? You suck Cole, that’s what’s going on.

Fraulein Doctor got a demotion to repair bitch.

Your red cells are having a rave and you’re not invited!

What did you do in 2015? Killed the Night Man!

A jinn is a causality loop? What’s a causality loop? Care to explain? No? Moving on.

Ramsey got an upgrade to Boss.

Oop and Cole is dead. I call this an improvement.

I can fix this timeline! Swearsies!

We can’t survive? Survive what? And without power? Have you heard of fire?

Doctor Jones, Doctor Jones, calling Doctor Jones (yes it’s another song.)

So….. the point of this jaunt to the alternate future was…. what?

Aaaaand back to the past.

Are you going to pay for those?

Bland ex-boyfriend! (and craaap, Wexler is going to be a ‘thing’ isn’t he?)

Hahahaha You’re going to be shot if divulge anything ahhahahaha.

Bland-Ex can’t even defeat Cole.

Bland- Ex calls bullshit on time travel.

It’s not classified in the future bitch.

When did he call 911?

And what happens to all the shitty extra Coles that Cole keeps leaving all over the place?

Are you sure Bland can handle a gun?

And I love how ALL Cole’s plans are nothing but guns.

And now what? What happened to extra Cole?

We just pulled a Looper.

And STILL wondering what the point of the other wrong timeline was…

Gah! Preacher!

And sidekick.

Forest- grass got it. Moving on now…

So, plant warehouse? Floral shop? Whatever…

OMG! You can’t leave the gun! The gun IS the plan!

Cole has such a deft– No he doesn’t! He’s just blunt force trauma.

Can something happen now? And I don’t mean events- I mean some goddamn forward momentum.

OMG. Shut up. What makes Cassie such a fucking unique snowflake?

Longest hypnotic state ever.

Cassie get to the house yet?

How is ALL of Cole’s dialogue a variation on the theme “I can’t let that happen”.

FINALLY Bland- Ex believes in time travel.

Are we there yet?

Operation Troy is GO!

Time is a stingy bitch.

Oh please- there are as many jumps as needed until this thing is cancelled. Don’t pretend like there’s any such tension going on.

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