12 Monkeys: Episode 5 Recap

Open on 2011.

The Night Man- I mean Night Room.

Dig her giant man-glasses.

I scoff in your security’s general direction.

“This thing falls in the wrong hands, brimstone,  horsemen, crazy clowns, cat’s and dogs living together.”

Gah! Preacher!

Back to 2043

Katarina brought the good booze.

Drunk time travel history.

“I got a question for you-” Why isn’t Ramsey playing Cole?

Your tragedy is harshing our buzz.

The core is melting down! We more dilithium crystals!

Back to the Past!

“I’m from the apocalypse” is not an excuse.

We need a plan!

The gun IS the plan.

This is the Night Man!

“I don’t know what I’m doing.” FINALLY Cole admits it.

Thank you Dr. Useless.

Gah! Preacher!

Self immolation is our best defense.

I love the smell of acetylene torches in the morning.

*Sigh* 2043

Stop being a dick Ramsey.

Gah! Time jump!

Finger kabobs.

What? I’m confused, so I must be paying attention.

The Witness? WTF? Is this Sleepy Hollow?

Can you take the bamboo skewers out of my fingers before you go? No? Never mind.

OK- I can’t stand it. I’m sorry, there is NOTHING like fingernail pain, Cole should be screaming on the floor and wetting himself. Instead- nothing. It’s ridiculous!

Stop being a dick Ramsey.

Fraulein Dr. has nice digs.

Well, there had to be a few time travel guinea pigs along the way…

The Night Man!! OMFG! There IS a man in the Night Room! It IS the Night Man!

Jennifer loves you now.

OK- Another pause for reality- Isn’t Cole going on and on about 4 billion people dead in this plague? THAT STILL LEAVES 3 BILLION PEOPLE ALIVE. It’s not a fucking tragedy! Not even close!

Good grief- do not play The Arts card. I think 3.5 billion people left is more than enough to carry on the human race.

Thank you Ramsey, unlikely voice of reason.

Pffft- the whole of human history is a fucking eye blink.

Goddammit I hate this show. Mostly because I’m on the side of whoever released the virus.

Can this rat fit inside your head?

Cole is my boyfriend!

NOW Cassie gets judgmental.

Confession time- I done stuff. Bad stuff. Moving on… no? Shut up, shut up, shut up!

You don’t deserve ANYTHING COLE! Whores get nothing!

You killed Daddy! It’s my wedding present!

Let’s get the Night Man! Then I will be Day Man!

Something airborne? What? Sorry I quit listening.

But I have to save you Cole!

They defeated the Night Man!

Ramsey, waving his moral compass around.

Where’d my boyfriend go??

Back to the WRONG future!

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