Top 10 – er 9- Childhood Books

The Broke and the Bookish:  Top 10 Books From My Childhood (Or teen years) That I Would Love To Revisit

I’m not sure I’ll get to 10…. Also, I didn’t read YA when I was in high school, I read horror novels…

1- Rabbit and Skunk and Spooks– There was an entire series of “Rabbit and Skunk and…” books and the ‘and’ turned out to be Woodchuck fucking with Rabbit and Skunk. Woodchuck seemed to be a borderline sociopath.

2- Molly Moves Out– Plucky rabbit tired of her huge family (they breed like rabbits after all) moves into her own house! It was my childhood dream come true in book form! I don’t much like people, and I like living with them even less.

3- Tailypo– Fucking terrifying!

4- The Ordinary Princess– The one from my childhood had beautiful illustrations and I liked that the princess was plain looking.

5- Sleeping Beauty by Mercer Mayer– Speaking of remembering illustrations, these Mercer Mayer fairy tale books consumed my life!

6- East of the Sun, West of the Moon– Mercer Mayer. I was a little crushed as an adult to find out that not all Mayer’s work looks like these did.

7- Beauty and the Beast– It’s so beautiful!

8- The Giant Under the Snow– fucking terrifying! I wouold like to read it as an adult to see if it’s as cool as I remember it.

9- ElfQuest Volume 1– This book ruined my life. After reading it I dedicated myself to art and becoming a comic book artist and then wasted my whole life drawing shit that no one wants to buy and writing books that also no one buys…

And that’s it!

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