WTF- Day of the (never ending) Triffids Hour 3 Recap!

Will Dr. Billy EVER get to his Dad’s house? Will Jason Priestly ever die of the triffid sting he took to the face?

Let’s find out in the thrilling conclusion!

PLAY ALONG BY WATCHING The Day of the Triffids (2009) 

Triffids scream like a little bitch when you cut their stamens off.

There has to be something inherently humiliating about having to flee ANYTHING in  a Smart Car.


Eyes on the road Jo.

It’s hard to feel sorry for anyone in this show as everyone just makes terrible decisions.

Hmmm… when being shot at is it advisable to waffle in the middle of the road before trying to find cover? I was under the impression dropping to the ground to make yourself smaller target was more advisable. But to each their own…

“Don’t shoot!” More, Don’t shoot  more! Or at the very least freaking hit him.

Know it all little 12 yr olds.

Yes the strange man is fine.

Since those kids can see I’m guessing someone still had a bed time.

Susan out.

Thanks indeed!

Oh Jo… you really are useless…

Worse than useless.

Spare us your daddy issues Billy.

Finally Brian Cox shows up!

“You’re here because of the triffids.” Well he didn’t come for cookies! WTF else is happening of any note? Seriously?!

Maybe put the button that turns off the electric fence in a less triffid accessible place?

Reunited and it feels so good-

Warm fuzzies over? Can we get back to the giant venomous carnivorous walking plants now?

Why don’t you just ASK the girls how they survived.

OMG! Seriously!?! You have time for sex but not stopping the triffids?!

In over your head Creeper Izzard?

FINALLY someone with a plan to stop the triffids!

Oh wait- it’s more GMO triffids.

And that plan is the long con. You need to kill them now.

Your mom was way to hot for me.

I don’t think mother nature had anything to do with angry GMO triffids.

“You were so young. I did try, but kids are boring. Especially you.”

I just need a male triffid, then my triffid sex dungeon will be complete.

Let’s just gloss over the subplot involving the kids yeah?

Oh crap- the only reason children/dogs/cats are in movies are to be saved. Start placing bets the kids follow Dr. Bill on his triffid hunt and have to be rescued.

OK- And another thing- Creeper Izzard’s army is all armed with guns, military grade guns. Which makes me think they have access to weapons. Why is NO ONE armed with a flame thrower? Or GOGGLES.

I can’t wait to watch you pollinate.

SEE?! And still tons of uneaten dead bodies lying around! Couldn’t production have forked over for some fake skeletons and slime at least?

Yes, because plants love to hang out in dark refineries…

Goddammit Susan.

And they ALL had on safety goggles only to take them off.

Dr. Billy likes to BBQ.

Soooo, the triffid’s brains are in their giant throbbing purple…stamens…

Daddy killed a triffid and I helped.

Dr. Billy and Dad are besties forever.

Oh, and the triffids might be smart enough to rise up and kill us all.

Snow or pollen….wait for it…. because it snowed earlier and looked just like this…. it’s pollen!

Ugh… Creeper Izzard.

Just dropping papers out of an airplane- not even IN something seems pretty slipshod Major Coca!

No, it’s not ‘good’ there’s still 20 minutes left.

Just hurry up and get eaten Brian Cox.

Maybe shut the recording off? Maybe don’t play it in earshot of the triffid in the first place? Maybe don’t piss it off with fire?

So now his mom and DAD were killed by triffids.

That’s it? You’re just going to bail?

Goddammit Susan!

Goddammit Eddie!

Really? NOW you want to stop the triffids?

Or I could take over the Isle of White.

And everyone just goes along with Izzard why?

We get the triffids to EAT Eddie Izzard!

Make yourself at home why don’t you.

Shoot the kids- just so you know I’m evil!

Yay! Troy did the right thing!

Ugh Izzard. Just die already!

OK- still waiting for the payoff of Dr. Billy’s interminable flashbacks and the show is running out of time.

So you put triffid poison in your eyes and…. your mascara runs really badly?

FINALLY Eddie Izzard is eaten by the triffids.

Meanwhile on the Isle of White.

Are you SURE triffids can’t swim?

OMG. That’s it? It wouldn’t be that hard to kill them off now you know how. And NOTHING came of the triffid to English dictionary. And really? Did the whole world go to triffid shit or just Britain? Because only Britain had Spud letting the males out. Maybe other countries had better safeguards. LIKE THE ONES NOT FACING THE SUN during the solah storm. Why was Jo so useless? It was like watching Nip/Tuck all over again.

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