WTF- Day of the Triffids 2009 Miniseries Hour 2

PLAY ALONG BY WATCHING The Day of the Triffids (2009) 

Bet your sorry you didn’t side with Creeper Izzard now.

OMG! Funniest plan ever! Like two legged race with the blind! How is this going to fix anything??

Can you PICK your blind person?

The triffids are NO ONES priority except one guy!

Unbearable Priestly. Major Coca? Major dick more like. (I CANNOT understand what they are saying his last name is. It sounds like Coca! Cocker? Coocker?)

Ugh, narration. We KNOW what’s happening- we’re watching it!

Wouldn’t want to see you get hurt- like this!

Meanwhile the triffids just wander aimlessly.

Major Cocoa??

Creepy Izzard.

Random birthday party in the background…

And jarring transition to warehouse robbery.

That police van isn’t big enough to haul much. This seems like a poorly planned robbery.


A triffid finally finished a meal!

Triffids found the freezer.

An hour and twelve minutes in and FINALLY an onscreen triffid attack.

Charlie is about to be triffid poo.

Ye olde lighter and hairspray.

Seems like fire should have occurred to someone LONG before this.

The only person stupid enough to die in an avalanche of cheap booze and NOT killed by a triffid.

Hilde! NOOOOO!

Arg! They aren’t dead in an avalanche of cheap booze.

“Osmond just left me!” Well Osmond is a dick.

NOW do you believe me about the triffids?

Unbearable self righteous Priestly got served.

WTF is Eddie Izzard’s endgame? If he ends up Prime Minister at the end I will cut a bitch.

More triffids wandering around with their giant throbbing purple…stamens out.

I will do radio! I will!

Suddenly there are tons of troops rounding everyone up? Where did they come from? What is happening?

Osmond you dick.

Harsh yo.

Did he just shoot Dr Bill’s thumb off?

Ha! Unbearable Priestly and Dr. Bill are busted.

This is what you get for trusting Eddie Izzard.

Oh good grief! Creeper Izzard is all rapey.

He’s dead Jo.

OMG I totes thought Creeper Izzard was going try to rape Jo.

Nope. Just no. LEAST believable thing to happen is Osmond listens to opera.

Triffids can climb? No one mentioned that!

Soooooooooo. The killzone on a triffid is you have to shoot their stamen off… Their purple throbbing stamens….

Goddammit Osmond!

*Oh snap! I crapped out early on episode one! Each episode is 1:30!*

Open with- recap of the previous episode

Back in the woods, surrounded by triffids…

WTF Osmond! Shoot THEM or the triffids.

Soooo, the little triffid to English dictionary is set on “Yo mamma was a dandelion.” No wonder they’re pissed.

Osmond you dick.

Maybe roll the windows up FIRST.

Unbearable Priestly is doomed! Yay! I hope…

So also you can just run triffids over…

OK- another logic break- I get that triffids would be an annoyance and they are dangerous, and not something you want in your yard, but they don’t seem all that special either. Seems like they have all the usual plant weaknesses to fire, chainsaws, and apparently explosive shells and cars.

Why is Dr. Billy passing out?? What’s his excuse? He didn’t even take a stamen to the eyeballs.

The what are coming?

“Triffids have been engineered to survive in any weather.” Well who’s idea was that?!

Back to radio Jo… Why is she in this show again?

GAAAHHH! Vanessa Redgrave!!! Why are you in this??

Shouldn’t Jason Priestly be dead by now?

Wrong- Creeper Izzard in charge of London! (Although why and how are fuzzy…)

The important thing is that you’re still hot.

Nope. Dinner with Izzard is NOT normal. It’s gross. Super gross.

HOW IS PRIESTLY NOT DEAD!? They drilled in the poisonous stinger and he wasn’t wearing no safety goggles! So WTF movie?!?!

God soothed the triffids?

Triffids just want to be loved!

Urgh, philosophizing. Do we have time for this? Can we just kill some plants now?

Back to STILL trying to get to Dad’s house.

Meanwhile in London- nothing is happening.

Pffft! Mother Superior pacified the triffids with free hot lunch.

Arg! And back to London for STILL nothing happening.

And STILL TRYING TO GET TO DAD’S HOUSE. AKA Dr. Billy is going to kill himself a nun.

Darn- he knows about my triffid buffet!

Don’t start on bees.

Don’t start on God.

Mother Superior should hook-up with Creeper Izzard.

AAAAND attempt the fifth to get to Dad’s house.

Ugh. Creeper Izzard.


Are we there yet?

If time was really of the essence you’d stop fucking around AND GET TO YOUR DAD’S HOUSE!

Haha Jo gives Creeper Izzard the middle finger.

Radio is a very dangerous job.

20 minutes of escaping later…

This seems like a very poorly thought out escape plan…

She cut off it’s throbbing purple…stamen.

**AND coming up next! Hour 3!!**

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