I have to say, I’m a bit annoyed by this. I already DO this. I already write like this. I’ve BEEN writing like this ,y entire life with out thought or more importantly RECOGNITION. And Wendig get’s a shit ton of web traffic and attention, for posting about something I fucking DO IN MY SLEEP.

Every character I write- every woman, every girl, pushes along the plot through their actions and decisions. They may not be good decisions. But they make them and then have to fix them. And yes, sometimes they get rescued, but not generally by a man- Carmine get’s “rescued” by her female boss, a super powerful Naga.  But everything in the story leading up to the end is lead by Carmine. She makes the decision to go to Rodrigo for help. She acknowledges when she does need help. She fights, and fights hard, for her own life, and the lives of others and feels deeply the responsibility of her decisions.

Tweedy, is saved from death by Josh. But what’s important about the “rescue” is that the rescue isn’t the end result of the plot. Tweedy is not a damsel in distress, the prize at the end of the game. She is an active player, and her poor decisions cause her as much trouble as the main plot of a Cait Sidhe invading her rural home.The rescue is about characters cooperating with each other. Characters who have becomes friends and aren’t going to sit back and let some one strangle their friend to death, and if the tables were turned the character would save their friend too.

In Dark Moon Diary Priscilla is more reactionary, but is adapting to a new environment and using her wits and intelligence, and a little help from her friends, to survive and even triumph.

Going back even farther, Avigon the clockwork made her own decisions in both Avigon and Avigon: Gods and Demons. She is WHY there is a story. Not a subject of the plot, but inseparable from it.

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