Recap Bonus Round: 12 Monkeys Episode 2

Wait? When are we?

Wow, that charcoal monkey on the wall held up really well…

Only one missing file? In how many years? Shouldn’t they all have been burned for fuel by now?

Random attack by people? Not dead people? Living on the surface who are fine…

Ugh, wooden ex-boyfriend.

My grandparents old store, which is fully intact and not sold off to pay taxes.

Could your accent be thicker woman in glasses?!?! What is she saying??

Back to 2015!

Don’t taunt the timeline!

The future only has one pair of protective goggles. No really, look at everyone in the background, only science lady puts on protective eye wear.


This isn’t Philly…

Coordinates were off, in time. And space! Good grief! North Korea 06 is not even close to Philly ’15.

“Do you have any idea what your  doing?” Is THE question of the show. And I would hazard a ‘No”.


OMG! Why are the crazy people watching nightmare inducing claymation?? WTF?

Cassadra’s grand parents failed and yet fully stocked  bookstore. Fully stocked book store… I’ll just leave that one hanging…

The Goynes’ spawn is cosplaying Kill Bill.

I like you…choking me…

That went about as well as expected.

Sooo Cole basically gave Jen the entire idea for the 12 Monkeys.

Where is the what? Night bird? Niper? Night per?

Another dose of STOP MUMBLING.

She’s talking about the night room?

Just let yourself in. It’s not B&E at all.

Death by stuff stuck to his face?

OMG! It’s the Preacher form Hell on Wheels! (Is that Leland? I left too long between eps. I don’t remember who any one is anymore.) What is happening?

Back at the fully stocked bookstore…

Wooden ex-boyfriend!

Delusional activists show up in North Korea? One does not simply walk into North Korea.

Back to the mental ward.

No- that’s not happening. Jennifer doesn’t just get to run around with a knife being crazy. AKA- worst security ever.

The monkeys are not a lie.

Anyone else think Pennsatucky should be playing Jennifer?

It IS the Night Room!

Preacher is as batshit in this show as in Hell on Wheels.

My girlfriend will save me! So there!

“I don’t care! Your future sucks!”

Gah! Preacher!

Well this is awkward.

You don’t remember me?

OK- This seems to be the standard greeting in this show. No one seems to know WHEN anything is happening and are then shocked that other people don’t remember them.

Back at the fully stocked book store.

The Night Room and the One that Got Away sounds like a YA novel.

You do not give me orders! Unless you have another time traveler stashed in the back room.

This would be a much better argument if your accent wasn’t so thick.

Fine- you can have your girlfriend.

Meanwhile back in 2015.

Gah! Preacher!

Is making soup?

Aaand stuff?



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