The Year in Review

This year has been a long slow decline punctuated by brief flashes of hope that guttered and died as quick as lightning. A narrow winding road cut in foot hills with a sheer drop on one side and a lichen covered rock face on the other. I keep thinking I’m going to reach a town soon, but I don’t. the road just keeps going, too narrow for more than one car and no room to pass. The road it rutted with deep potholes and I’m afraid I’ll be stuck in one forever, as there is no one else on the road and therefor no help. I am alone.

For the most part though, nothing happens. The road doesn’t change, I don’t get stuck in the potholes, and I don’t fall off the cliff, but I wonder how long it’s going to go  one and will I ever reach civilization. Will things get better? Continue on unchanged? Or will the road be washed out somewhere down the line.

So things are OK. Sometimes I find a nice shiny rock in the road. But mostly it’s just plain rocks and dirt and ruts, and nothing happens.

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