OK- Here’s the Recap Dealio!

I have TWO episodes of Constantine left on the DVR. I’m not sure how many are left to air until the “winter finale”, though I think #6 might be the end until it either comes back or is cancelled.

HOWEVER- due to having nailed that Barbara and the Lady Cop on Gotham were at the very least ex girlfriends- I MIGHT go back and to a big huge On Demand Gotham marathon of hell, and recap it. Also, I am wondering if Constantine will be cancelled. I hate to say it, but it full deserves to be… Mostly because I like David S. Goyer’s work. This is an exception though. It’s not nearly as good as the Blade TV show or Threshold which DID NOT DESERVE TO BE CANCELLED OMFG! I am STILL angry and it’s been gone for YEARS.

So anyway, that is the plan for Dec. Expect the last two Contantines this week and then MAYBE more Gotham– unless my brain explodes.

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2 comments on “OK- Here’s the Recap Dealio!
  1. winterelf2 says:

    yea, problem with Gotham – don’t CARE about any of the characters. Problem with Constantine – don’t LIKE any of the characters. bleah.

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