Don’t watch the numbers

It’s useless. And a sure way to convince yourself that no one on the internet likes you and now you’re going to go eat some worms.

I DON’T track my Twitter following- I don’t have one, my Twitter account is only months old and only a handful of my friends and acquaintances follow it. I look at but don’t worry about my Facebook following. The only page that matters is my  ‘Che Gilson Arts Page’ because that’s my fan page.  The numbers go up and down once in awhile but they don’t make big shifts. Maybe someday they will if something I write hits the right chord with enough people. But where I’m at is where I’m at.

I used to worry a lot about my DA followers!  Eight years and I hadn’t cracked 100 followers! I finally cracked 300 a few years ago but it was due to Pokemon fan art and joining RP groups! The majority of which I no longer have the time to participate in because- writing! And getting published, and the maybe I have a chance at this being my living…or something equivalent… Pocket change? Doll money? Whatever.

I worry more about my Amazon reviews more than I should. I have no control over the reviews I get. Aside from continually pestering family and friends to review Carmine and them continually NOT doing it. And honestly the sales on Authorcentral- well, you’re just asking for pain. Spanish Inquisition levels of emotional agony over all the books you AREN’T selling.

So, do you want to feel like crap? Or do you want to feel good enough about yourself that you can actually put some words down on paper? Because nothing will suck the will to live out of you faster than the numbers which unequivocally tell you, no one is reading anything you do and therefor no one likes you. No one wants your words. No one cares.

Stop looking at the numbers. Write more. Don’t worry about everything not happening and happily reply to that one comment you got weeks ago which is the only comment you got so far.

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