Gotham: Episode 2 Recap

“I’m not masturbating with a candle!”… Little Wayne is  into the kinky stuff already.

Homeless people don’t have expensive GOGGLES.

Never trust churchy people in sweaters. (Although the sweater probably isn’t the problem…)

*coughRussellCrowecough* Gordon reams a beat cop.

“If I wanted to beat him I could!” Can I just say again how freaking awesome Harvey is.

Hitching a ride from douchebags. How is the penguin so much polite fun? Even on a murder spree he is a delight.

Winner for most corrupt police force- Gotham! *applause*

“Why would anyone want to abduct scaley ass orphans in bulk?”

Fish! (The only character aside from Harvey worth watching)

Blah-blah-blah mafia politics… Who’s your lover?! Personal much?

Fish is sad over boy toy.

OMFG- Carol Kane hamming it up with wacky accent and everything…

More Fish- your going to kill a man with your bare teeth?  WTF is with the dialogue??

Why not bury the bodies BEFORE renting a shitty trailer?

Holy shit! The main plot line! I forgot all about it! It’s the bulk orphans!


“You’re just a little sinner like the rest of us.”

Sigh- Barbara is boring. So, so boring… Yes Barbara, what is the point? Of you?

Kid snatchers- stuff- morals- money- the Dollmaker? I’m assuming there is a comic book villain in the wings…

More stuff- hostages, the Pharma rep is a better actor than one would suspect.

Awwww 😦 nothing comes of the bulk orphans…

Arg! And the episode is only half over!!

And WHY is THAT GUY the mayor? I can’t take him seriously!

How is every single cop and politician in an ENTIRE city except for our one SUPER SELF RIGHTEOUS Gordon, corrupt? Every. Single. One.

Alfred needs parenting advice from self righteous Gordon.

LOLZ- Little Wayne turns super bad ass- listening to metal. That’s how you know he’s angsting.

Return of the Kiddie Snatchers. Honestly I wasn’t paying attention during the fight at big pharma, I didn’t know they got away.

Old school beating with a phone book- soon those will be a thing of the past.

Soilent Green is PEOPLE.

Not sure how believable the “hiding on a bus” scene is…

Ugh- nope. I can’t do it. I can’t get to the end of this episode. I’m taking this off my DVR on account of this is a really dumb show. I didn’t even finish the episode. I really do need a fall show to recap though! I thought this was going to be the one! But I’d rather spend an hour of my life recapping something that isn’t this soul crushingly bad.

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