How to promotion?

I have no idea! LOL! I read other people’s blogs about self promotion and marketing, I really do. But somehow I can’t seem to assimilate the information! And there is so much advice! Write another book. Promote your Facebook page-but not too much. Get a Twitter! Don’t get a Twitter! Make bookmarks! No one makes bookmarks anymore! Go on tour! But only if you can go with five other authors in your own genre! Go to libraries! Have a presentation! Speak at PLACES.

Honestly- can I just curl into a little ball of overwhelmed and cry?

No- I don’t have an answer for anyone out there reading this- all one of you will have to figure it out. If you learn something good I’ll probably be reading your blog post on “How to Sell your Book” and then failing miserably at whatever it is you tell me to do.


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