The Strain: Episode 10 Recap

Shitty Child Actor opens this episode, not promising… Also this episode brought to you by Apple.

Magically the internet works long enough for a plot point.

Dear second tier girlfriend, I have to go find my wife, love Ef.

Sir Exterminator “Rats, vampires, same diff…”

Hacker chick- confessions part two, three?? WE KNOW ALREADY MOVE ON! (Seriously this is like the third time she’s explained that SHE brought the internet down.)

I can exchange medical services for information, you game? NOW where did you find the phone? Oh, three blocks from where I met you? I’ll bill you.

Flashback! 32 hours earlier! I didn’t say it was very far back…

The late unlamented Matt everyone! Remember exactly no one crying over his flaming corpse one episode ago?

Kelly FINALLY listens to what Ef has been trying to tell her for the last FIVE episodes. Your marriage ended because you are stupid not because Ef is a dick (although he is).

YES! WORM IN THE EYEBALL! It almost makes up for the complete and total lack of beheadings this week.

Worm infested Kelly cries in car for what seems like forever before… what happens? Did she drive somewhere? Seriously! Like five minutes ago you were outside your house.

Confused and worm infested Kelly goes to pick up her son on foot and really late. ALMOST but doesn’t quite eat the principal’s face. (There is a serious dearth of face-eating thus far…)

The vampires roaming the streets ALL have hoodies- is that their uniform or what?

Arg! Hacker and Sir Exterminator are actually going through with their asinine plan to go exterminating in the Stoneheart building. Long conversation and  vague flirting ensues.

Sir Exterminator turns on his creepy, creepy charm…

Ha ha. No inspection for you!

And they let Hacker in to see old dying guy why? Oh. So you can talk more.

Flashback 17 hours earlier.  The wine swilling Lifetime Demographic will be missed even less than Matt.

Get away from him you bitch!

Is it wrong that I think the coolest thing this whole episode is the wood-paneled elevator?

Die already old man! OMG. (At least it would save us from MORE talking…)

Kelly now has nifty Vein-O-Vision.

“Come to me Kelly. You are my ticket to your ex-husband.”

“Relax. I’m letting you go. So you can have more inane conversations next episode.”

And now, the demise of What’s-her-face and her son What’s-his-face. Which is ALSO not a beheading! (On a  semi-related side note, the vampire apocalypse would have a much harder time getting a foothold in California. We don’t have a lot basements.)

Stop crying Ef, your ex-wife wasn’t that good an actor either.

“At least I still have you second tier girlfriend.”

Just tell Shitty Child Actor his mom is DEAD. Maybe then he’ll emote.

Ugh! And the episode ENDS with Shitty Child Actor!

Don’t think my love for this show is diminished! But this episode was a bit of a chore. Lacking the sheer joy of beheadings, Cobra Commandos, and people’s junk falling off. Hopefully it will pick up this Sunday!

I’m also needing to pick a Fall show to Recap as well. Still haven’t decided. I’m thinking maybe American Horror Story…

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