The Strain: Episode 8 Recap

Post Subway vampire hunting fail. FYI guns don’t work. FYI I keep withholding important information.

Vampire has ouchies.

What’s a little B&E when there are vampires rampaging through the streets. Or: OMG why quibble now?

Yay! Sir Exterminator finally meets up with the main cast!

Negotiations  for UV lights are surprisingly brief and amenable.

Old Man and Sir Exterminator are totes dynamic duo. And the only two people with any goddamn common sense.

Enter Deus ex Machina! AKA the hacker. Too good to be true or poor writing? You decide!

Yes!! First beheading of the evening!

Gas station death trap- I’ll be your setting for the evening. Settle in and make yourselves comfy.

Samwise! YES!!

Samwise! NO!

That’s actually not the worst gas station bathroom I’ve ever seen…

“I need the rules” FINALLY someone asks!

“I make list of everything you steal. Also, I am slightly racist stereotype.”

Fear, panic, divisiveness… we’re doomed.

Ooooh. shocker. Bread truck run not work out?

One car has no wheels, one care has no engine- start countdown to putting two and two together.

Meanwhile: Samwise! NO!

OMG- move the wheels from one car to the one with no wheels???? Madness!

Tool using vampires? OMG- wait, they used to be human AND you just told us the Master commands them, how is this noteworthy?

So maybe you should have more people on tire changing duty and FEWER people trying to cut the worm out of Samwise’s face…

“The bread truck is our only hope.”

WTF you mean “fully mature” bitch?

I will die in my gas station with honor defending the cigarettes and dirty magazines!

Apology of the doomed.

Samwise! No!

20 minutes of arguing whether Samwise should be put down or not- HOLY SHIT! Sir Exterminator! Takin’ care of bizness.

And one last time- all together now: SAMWISE! NOOOOOO!

Pfffft! Trying to get gas from modern gas pump while surrounded vampires! No comment for this one,  it’s just hilarious.



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