Why Reviews MATTER!

Why reviews really, REALLY matter to authors! Indie authors especially.

It boils down to analytics! The mysterious Algorithms that control out online shopping, track our preferences, and tell us what to buy.

A book with zero reviews floats beneath the notice of the Algorithms. They won’t take notice of your book and recommend it when someone buys another book in a similar vein.

Books from big publishers with publicity departments sent out ARCS to reviewers, not just bloggers, although they get them out to blogs as well, but magazines like Publisher’s Weekly and Kirkus. Many a Big Five book hits the stands with enough reviews on sites like Amazon to get attention from the Algorithms.

Small books from small publishers, depend on reader reviews. With enough reviews the Algorithms will take a look at the book and start recommending it. Without reader reviews a book doesn’t stand a chance.

Want to help your author friend out? Two simple things can make all the difference.

1- Buy a copy of the book. This means a lot! And it’s not just a royalty! It shows the publisher that the author is a viable commodity. That they can sell books. And that it is worth it to take a chance on their next book as well.

2- Review it! This is a big one I know! It infringes on your free time. But it means a lot! An honest review will boost the books visibility on Amazon and with enough the Algorithms will come! But it’s not JUST Amazon reviews that are important. Goodreads, blogs, just mentioning it on your Twitter feed or Facebook, it all helps spread the word!

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