The Strain: Episode 6 Recap

Black silk dressing gown, the choice of discerning sadists everywhere.

Cryptic exterminators; The second sign of the apocalypse.

I’m wanted by the FBI but I’ll go visit my ex-wife. What could possibly go wrong? Everything? Really?

Tip #1: If you are a side character, particularly if you are dating the ex-spouse of the protagonist, you WILL die to make room for getting the protag back together with said ex-spouse. You have been warned.

I’m getting to old for this shit.

What DO you pack to flee from a vampire plague?

Haha! Vampires don’t take no lip. But they do like to lecture… and kick ass.

Is the FBI allowed to bitch slap prisoners?

Samwise! Put on this ring and don’t talk to me.

Just throw your dementia addled mother at a vampire- she’s going to get eaten anyway, maybe it’ll slow them down a few minutes.

I dub thee SIR Exterminator slayer of your boss and co-worker, mighty puller of shades and opener of blinds.

FBI don’t need no stinkin’ contagion.

Arg! Wine drinking side-plot! Worst side story yet! SHUT UP! You have accomplished exactly nothing during this scene.

Thank GOD! Onward too body disposal!

And it’s the best body disposal scene EVER!

OMG! Exterminator has a first name! Sir Vasili the Exterminator! Cranky architecture snob is cranky and snobby.

And still not caring about ex-wife and kid.

Unleash the overweight coroners of Hell!  Or: Told you so.

I have a new plan.


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