The Strain: Episode 5 Recap

Door to door snackies.

Your choice of foot wear WILL be the death of you.

Old Man- dispensing wisdom and breakfast since 1945.

Nothing good will come of the title card “Poland 1944”.

“It’s just the sniffles! I swear my children don’t smell like steak!”

Flashback ’44 part 2. Yes, we know, Nazi’s are evil.

Ugh… sad old people side plot. Worse than car theft side plot.

I tripped…on the stairs…with a rope…

Lets check the shed, I bet he’s not housebroken.

How is it that everyone just has GASOLINE lying around their house?

Gah! So many old people this episode! Or: Saga of Liver Transplant.

Harvey Keitel coulda cleaned up the urologist. Also- shut up and die already.

First one out the door gets a prize. (Or: Your mother is going to eat your face!!!)

One more person with the good sense to run like hell.

Old people make great midnight snacks. Because they are slow. Or, the pay off for the old people side plot.

This beanie will totally hide your identity!


(Ugh!  Sorry this is so late! I didn’t have time to re-watch ep. 5  this week! But here it is- just in time for episode 6. Sooooo many side plots in this episode!)


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