7 by 7

A friend of mine on FB had me do this: 7 lines from page 7 of a current work in progress. So I thought I’d do it here!

This is from the long suffering Tea Times Three which I have been working on (off and on) for something like five years! The good news is that it’s almost ready to send to Black Opal.


“Start packing,” Anglaise said as she passed the glass display case next to the register. The bakery cases were full of cookies, scones, and golden pastries. Behind the baked goods rose a wall of cubbies, each one held a glass jar of dried tea, herbs, spices, or flowers. A passage behind the counter led to Anglaise’s domain, the kitchen and a staircase, that led to the apartment above.

Caramel pulled the menus to her chest. “A-are we leaving?”

“Yes!” Anglaise passed the register and disappeared into the kitchen.

“No!” Bruleé crossed her arms. “Don’t you dare fold  a sock.”

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