I desperately miss going to a bookstore and browsing! Browsing on a website isn’t the same! Amazon is a pain in the ass.

I miss the feel of books. I miss reading titles on the spine and pulling a book off the shelf to see what the cover art was like. I like the displays. And sales, and reading flaps, and the back cover blurb and being able to flip to any damn page I want and start reading.

Not having to have some crappy slow loading e-sample pages that I have to read on my computer screen, which gives me a headache.

I like seeing the cover art actual size and in person.

Now I have to rely on second hand shops, thrift stores, the library and the annual library sales. It works. I still get the majority of my books this way. But you are at the mercy of whatever book someone else doesn’t want. Ordering things from the library loan system, and then waiting, and then maybe they don’t even have the book anyway. Though the library is certainly a wonderful resource and it deserves out love and support!

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10 comments on “I MISS BOOKSTORES!!
  1. lindamthorne says:

    I read this one other time. It really sums up my feelings too. The whole thing of online book shopping took so much of the fun away for me. At my age, I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to it. We had a great bookstore called Davis-Kidd in Nashville. That’s where we held our Middle TN SinC groups. I went to their celebration of 30 year in business and then a few months later they were out of business. At least I still had my Nashville Writers Meetup group at the Borders book store on West End Street in Nashville. I’d always come early to peruse through the books. It closed too. So sad.
    On the other hand, Amazon is quick and fast, and convenient, which has paid off for me many time. It’s just hard to leave behind the slow and easy life the bookstores gave us.

    • chexgilson says:

      It’s just very difficult to use. I’ve seen other people do it, but it’s not user friendly.

    • chexgilson says:

      Amazon has some convenience, but a lot of other bookstores are also online.

      • lindamthorne says:

        Yeah, I went into the Barnes and Nobles (that replaced Borders) in downtown Nashville and a sign in the window said they were closing soon. So sad.
        P.S. Che, I have a blog now. Please feel free to say anything you want to there – plug your books. I still have Avigon. You signed the front cover in 2005. When the grandkids get older, I’ll give it to them.

  2. chexgilson says:

    OMG! You still you still have Avigon!

  3. lindamthorne says:

    OF COURSE!!!!! Mint condition. I wanted to give it to a grand kid (or grandkids as a pair) tell them you had signed it, and who knows, you might have a REALLY BIG NAME with children by then It’s a beautiful book. What age group do you think would appreciated it. Our oldest grandkid is 9. They are coming to visit thanksgiving. Even if that’s early, I will show it to them and tell them they will get it later on (and it’s signed by the author).

  4. chexgilson says:

    I would Avigon is better suited to 12 and up 🙂

    And boy, I sure wish and hope I’ll have a name in children’s books by then!

  5. lindamthorne says:

    Hey, 12 years is not that far off for our grandkids.. I’ll start teezing them with it now. Flipping through the pages will be enough .You were always persistent that I remember. You WILL make a name for yourself. If I can help in any way, let me know.
    Che, you have it in you to do great with kid and YA books. You can write! Keep truckn=ing.

    • chexgilson says:

      🙂 I’m still going! I have an urban fantasy that JUST came out this week from Black Opal and I’m querying my children’s book, and writing two more novellas!

      Oh, and did I hear from Sunny that you sent your book to BOB?

  6. lindamthorne says:

    Yes. I have a contract too. Just signed in late June, but SIGNED. If you want to say a few words on your urban fantasy on my blog, please do. It’s sort of a deadbeat blog right now as it’s so new, but I have been telling people it’s there and it’s listed now in places like my local SinC newsletter.

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