The Bird Fairies- Writer’s Voice Entry

Title: The Bird Fairies

Genre: Middle Grade Contemporary Fantasy

Author: Che Gilson


Dear Writer’s Voice Judges,

Life couldn’t get worse for twelve-year-old sparrow fairy Tweedy. She’s just been caught by the one of the new human’s who moved into the house the sparrows call their own. Breaking the cardinal rule of the fae “Never be seen. Never get caught” and royally angering her already over protective father.

Then there’s the problem of dead birds in the woods. Which isn’t all that unusual except that the birds are torn limb from limb and left to rot. Certainly not the work of the usual predators. Which means SOMETHING is out there. Something Tweedy catches a glimpse of one night.

That Something attacks her friend Black Burn the crow fae. Thanks to Tweedy’s new human best friend Josh (he totally extorted her friendship in exchange for letting her out of that terrarium), they figure out that a Cait Sidhe has come all the way from the Fair Lands. The Sidhe is out to steal a silver torc of immense power that Burn’s been hiding for years.

As Tweedy and Burn plot to send the Sidhe back to the Fair Lands, the cat fae snatches Poppa and holds him for ransom. The torc for his life. There’s no telling what the Cait Sidhe could do with the torc’s power and every bird knows better than to trust a cat.

Thrown into a race against time Tweedy must rescue Poppa, keep the artifact safe, and rid the woods of the Cait Sidhe forever, before he comes for them all.

Mix The Borrowers, with a heavy dose of magic and action and that is THE BIRD FAIRIES, a Middle Grade contemporary fantasy novel complete at 58,528 words.

I have several previously published graphic novels with companies like Image Comics and Tokyopop. My urban fantasy novella Carmine Rojas: Dog Fight was recently acquired by small publisher Black Opal Books. The Bird Fairies stands alone but has series potential.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Che Gilson


The Bird Fairies

Chapter 1



Tweedy perched on top of the ‘FOR SALE’ sign in the front yard of her house skinny bird toes curled around the edge. She stared across the thin strip of  two-lane blacktop  the local fae called ‘The Road’.

The humans had a name for it but she was a sparrow fairy. Tweedy navigated by landmarks seen  from overhead.

Beside her, Black Burn the crow, ruffled her feathers and sighed.

“I’m not lying…this time,” Burn grinned.

Tweedy frowned. The crow fairy was supposed to be a grown-up but she got Tweedy in more trouble than her two siblings. Fluppence and Witter were the most annoyingly, unadventurous little sister and brother Tweedy could imagine. Snail fairies would be more fun than those two put together.

That left Tweedy with a sole partner in crime, Black Burn.

“So it’s an untouched field of wild blueberries?” Tweedy asked again.

Burn crossed heart with her index finger. “It’s true. It’s a little farther than Poppa Jay let’s you stray. About three miles across the Road. Keep the stream to your left and at the big bend turn south another mile.”

“So, why don’t you tell Poppa yourself?” Tweedy looked up at the crow. Burn was big for a crow and Tweedy hadn’t reached adult size for a sparrow. Not that another inch would close the gap. The best Tweedy could hope for was to top out at five inches. Burn was a foot tall with an inch or two she could add standing on her toes.






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11 comments on “The Bird Fairies- Writer’s Voice Entry
  1. Good luck in the contest!

  2. Alison Miller says:

    This sounds awesome! Good luck!

  3. Wow, I like this. Great imagery and concept. Good luck in the contest!

  4. Daniela Torre says:

    So cute. Solid writing too. Good luck Che!

  5. leandrajwallace says:

    Love it, and that illustration is so cool! Good luck!

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