And You Don’t Stop.

I just read a blog post about moving on from one project to another, especially after the book you just wrote was ‘a love affair’. It’s a good article for people who struggle with that sort of thing but I can’t help you with that.

I don’t stop writing. I move from one project directly into the next without pause. Often I try to work two books at the same time so that if one is flailing I can work on the other  until something shakes loose for the other book. Currently I’m working on a Middle Grade (Children’s) book, which is turning into a series- possibly a trilogy. And the next Carmine novella which is the sequel to Dog Fight. I have notes on other books I want to start and I am currently editing two  completed manuscript.

Now it sounds like I’m busier than I really am. I want to say that I work slowly. Which is part of why I need to keep working consistently. Because consistency adds up to finished book.

The point of the ramble is that no book is THE ONE. If you love your book- great! I love mine too! But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have another one in you. Work on something else no matter what the current book is currently doing. Is it on submission agents or publishers? Great. Keep writing. Is it currently in the publishing queue somewhere almost ready to go? Great. Go write something else!

At a recent convention I went to a panel about publishing and one of the panelists had been at another con with a panel of people from Amazon. And the advice they heard was to save your publicity dollars and just write another book. Nothing promotes one book like having a new one.

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