Fly your freak flag high!


I’m really tired of TV shows, anime, books, etc that, well I swore I wouldn’t type this but, SHAME fujoshi girls. Culture shames nerds in general because they deviate from a media dictated norm, which- honest to goodness- THERE IS NO NORMAL. There is no fucking baseline for human normalcy or a even being a successful being. It can’t be done because it is individually based. What is YOUR success, what is YOUR happiness? It may not be what everyone else is telling you you SHOULD want or you SHOULD be doing.

There is nothing wrong with being fujoshi! Embrace it! Do what makes YOU happy! Because nothing else will ever matter more. I want character who embrace their nerdiness! Ones who don’t view it as a defect, or something ‘wrong’ aboout themselves that needs to be changed or fixed so they can be just like everyone. That IS NOT my experience of the world, and I don’t think it’s everyone else’s either. But the media tells us that it is. The nerdy girl is DYING to be popular. DYING to give up everything they love and that which makes them happy so that get a boy, wear make-up and turn into everyone else.

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